Biological Safety Cabinets

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NuAire Biological Safety Cabinets protect whats valuable providing personnel, product and/or environmental protection when looking to obtain optimum control over product quality while reducing the potential for exposure. Ergonomic Biosafety Cabinet design improves laboratory safety practices and process accuracy.



LabGard® ES AIR NU-543 Class II, Type A2 Biosafety Cabinet

is available in an 8, 10, or 12 inches (203, 254, or 305 mm) access opening. NU-543 is an effective primary engineering control in obtaining the optimum product quality while reducing the potential for exposure of both product and personnel to airborne biological or particulate chemical agents in low to moderate risk-hazard research and drug preparation or product operations by monitoring and controlling real-time airflow to maintain accurate laminar airflow and a dynamic air barrier.




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True Laminar Airflow

Unidirectional airflow moving along parallel flow lines at a constant velocity of 60 fpm (0.30 m/s) minimizes air turbulence within the work zone lessening the chance of cross contamination.

Dynamic Air Barrier

Dynamic Air Barrier

A steady inflow air velocity of 105 fpm (0.53 m/s) over an aerodynamic airfoil creates an active air barrier offering maximum personnel protection.


Ergonomic Safety Cabinet

An access opening that meets your need. Your choice of an 8, 10, or 12 inches (203, 254, or 305 mm) access opening offers you the option to lower your operating cost, have more moveability in the cabinet, or somewhere in between.


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