LabFlame Aero - the airflow flame solution


Aero offers the possibility to install a fixed and safe flame sterilization station, always ready for a quick safety hot shot.

Conceptional difference


flaming with the airflow <> eliminates dancing flames


360° operational angle <> for any hood enclosure


sturdy flame shape <> precise flame sterilization


no turbulences <> increased safety in BSC cabinets


flame on demand <> economic gas consumption


Air Dynamics 


The new LabFlame aero is designed to enhance the flame sterilization under air dynamic conditions. While standard safety burners fight with flames dancing against the air stream, with the risk of incomplete sterilization based on deviated flames, LabFlame aero can flame with the stream and offers an improved sturdy flame shape.


Aero can be mounted upside down and flame along with the flow. This simplifies the precise sterilization handling of e.g. bottle necks, caps, treats and increases the safety of effective sterilizations. Ideal use in laminar air flows, eliminating turbulences and dancing flames.


Flame on demand


Immediate flames ignition – via footswitch, touch free IR detection or manual start.Aero offers a compact stainless steel body with a variety of mounting accessories for convincing economics in limited enclosure spaces. No workspace loss if mounted on sidewalls or base stand.




Safe automatic re-ignition and gas cut off


No media spills in burner head – less cleaning