FlexiRoll                      Digital Cell Roller

The BioTool FlexiRoll is a compact digital cell roller for use with a variety of bottles, tubes and flasks. Applications include growth and culturing of adherent cells, suspension cells, mixing blood or vacutainer TM tubes, washing nucleic acid blots or performing hybridization protocols.

GlowZone                Infrared Loop Sterilizer

High-Speed Annealing and Sterilizing without flame.
Instantly ready to work without any unnecessary warmup.
Specifically focused infrared light generates an IR-HotSpot in which your
inoculation loop is sterilized at temperatures from 650 to 1000°C after only 5 to 10 seconds.

LabFlame Aero               The airflow flame solution

The new LabFlame Aero is designed to enhance the flame sterilization under air dynamic conditions. While standard safety burners fight with flames dancing against the air stream, with the risk of incomplete sterilization based on deviated flames, LabFlame aero can flame with the stream and offers an improved sturdy flame shape. 

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