General Purpose Centrifuge



General Purpose Bench Top 2 Liter Refrigerated Centrifuge


NuWind Centrifuges offer larger capacity in a smaller footprint. The ability to change rotors within seconds allows for multi-application use in cell culture, bioproduction, blood separation, microbiology and more.

It can be used for the separation of substances at different densities that are held in suspension or emulsion in a liquid. It is designed to maximize productivity in the laboratory since it only takes up a minimal amount of space. The NuWind™ centrifuge offers precise temperature control and uses CFC-free refrigerant.



Click-Spin patented Technology will allow you to Exchange Rotors in the simplest and fastest way possible - no tools are needed!

Align the rotor with the Motor shaft and it will sit and lock itself perfectly. Once installed, an audible "CLICK" will ensure you the rotor is properly installed.

When switching Rotors per application, grasp the red dial of the rotor and Twist counter-ClockWise while anchoring the Body of the rotor. An audible "CLICK" will Sound and your rotor will then be unlocked from the Motor shaft. You can now easily remove it and install your new rotor.

Click-Spin Technology is avaiable as a Standard Option on all our Rotors.


New Bio-Lid System

The unique design of our lids allows you to open and Close the buckets with a single Hand, and they can also be installed and removed with the buckets on the rotor.

Routine Cleaning Made Easy

Contamination can hide in the tightest of places. The ability to remove a rotor within seconds makes the Routine cleaning of the centrifuge bowl easy.


The automatic locking Feature allows a rotor to be securely installed without the worry of damage to the centrifuge.

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