FlexiRoll Digital Cell Roller

Rocks and rolls a variety of tubes, flasks and bottles


The BioTool FlexiRoll is a compact digital cell roller for use with a variety of bottles, tubes and flasks. Applications include growth and culturing of adherent cells, suspension cells, mixing blood or vacutainer TM tubes, washing nucleic acid blots or performing hybridization protocols. Ideal for use on a benchtop or in a CO2 incubator; can be safely operated in temperatures ranging from 4° - 60°C and atmospheric environments of up to 95% humidity. The FlexiRoll operates from .5 – 80 rpm and offers a timer function when used with the digital remote controller. The six included rollers will accommodate three large (850cm2) roller bottles.


  • Accommodates 3 Roller Bottles.
  • Ideal for hybridization, Western, Northern & Southern Blots.
  • Variable speed control from .5 – 80 rpm.
  • Easy-to-clean, chemically resistant housing.
  • Stackable for additional capacity.
  • Digital remote control for CO2 incubators.
  • Small foot-print takes up less bench space.


Designed for the use in CO2 Incubators

The FlexiRoll can also be used in Western, Southern or Northern blotting applications as an alternative to the more expensive rotisserie style hybridization ovens. By purchasing five additional rollers the FlexiRoll can rotate 20 – 15 & 50mL tubes at one time, ensuring a complete and uniform mixing of the reagents with the filter paper.

To maximize bench space the FlexiRoll can be stacked into a two tiered unit to provide additional roller bottle capacity. By inserting the anodized aluminum legs the second unit rests on top of the first allowing six rollers bottles to be cultured at a time. Each stacked unit is controlled independently to allow for speed variation.

The digital remote controller is useful for applications where the FlexiRoll unit is placed in a CO2 incubator or another closed environment. A digital key pad on the unit provides control of the time and speed settings of the FlexiRoll without having to open the incubator door. The FlexiRoll allows you to enter the chamber to handle your cells rather than the equipment.