Biological Safety Cabinet LabGard® ES AIR

TüV / CE / NSF / ANSI 49 certified


Bio Safety Cabinet 543, 4ft, 1200 mm


CHF 11'879.00




  • Energy Saver (ES) DC/ECM Motor with automatic
    Motor Speed control
  • Internal Exhaust Dampener
  • Monolithic Pressure Tight Design (Silicone Free)
  • HEPEX™ Zero Leak Airflow
  • Front Filter Removal
  • Hepa H14 Filter (2), 99.99% @ 0.3 Microns, extra large,
    front access
  • 10” [254 mm] Access Opening, acc. DIN EN-12469
  • Frame-less Sliding Window, Tempered Glass
  • Double Fluorescent Lighting & UV Decontamination
    Lamp over work surface
  • Removable Work Tray
  • Heavy load work Surface Support System with easy
    removable work tray
  • Two Duplex Outlet Back-wall
  • Service valves (2 each side) + 2 Power Sockets (IP protected)
    back wall
  • Base stand with fixed leg levelers (5 fixed positions)

Airflow Protects Personnel and Product

LabGard® AIR utilizes a single motor blower system to

maintain airflow performance. The single motor blower

system is inherently balanced. As particulates load the

HEPA filters between certifications, NuAire’s single

motor/blower system maintains a consistent ratio of

down flow to inflow, preventing uneven filter loading.

This maintains a safer environment for you and your

laboratory as well as maintains the proper down flow

to minimize cross contamination within the work zone.


Bio Safety Cabinet 543, 5ft, 1500 mm


CHF 12'879.00